Slice is a multifaceted arts collective and underground record label.

Slice Records focuses on electronic music and art with the vision of exposing artistic talent, original material and creative forms media not restricted by any genre or particular style.
Slice aims to help artists gain more exposure to their craft and to play more gigs, outdoor festivals, both locally and worldwide.
With a crew of musicians, artists, DJ's & VJ's, decor and lighting specialists we aim to expose original and diverse styles of underground music in all its forms through mind bending parties, unique events and by releasing original quality music through Slice Records.

Cristian Verna, James Woodcock, Gareth Fox are the triad behind the makings of Slice. They originally begun this project on the basis it would be to give local bedroom producers like themselves an avenue to progress into the expanding electronic scene and a chance to play their material at events and to an audience that would appreciate it. Cutting their teeth with a series of club events, Slice's first V/A compilation was released on Tempest Recordings in 2011 called 'A Slice of Things to Come'. A collection of decor pieces and audio equipment rapidly grew to include a dedicated lighting and sound setup, with a core group of visual and decor artists contributing. They share a passion for art and the rising counter culture and originality, not restricted by genre.
After the formation of Slice Records came the next stage of their adventures- the ability to combine local underground audio and visual artists in the form of digital and physical releases. Ever lamenting the death of the album, Slice wishes to bring the listener back to the 'journey' style of listening rather than consuming single songs.

Slice Records is based in Melbourne, Australia.

If you wish to submit material to the label, or want to work with the Slice Crew please email us at slicecrew@gmail.com

Underground Record Label - Original producers & artists - Mind bending parties